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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

God Is Good

Our God is good.  Every day, through all situations, He is good.

I love that I can trust God 100% even when I can't see what is going to happen.

My little Hannah is not feeling good.  She cries every day, throughout the day, saying that her tummy is hurting.  We don't know what is wrong.  But God does.

 We have taken her off of all dairy and wheat.  This helped for a few days, then the abdominal pain returned with a vengeance.  I called our pediatrician to get a referral to one of the top Pediatric GI specialists on the west coast.

We got an appointment with the specialist in March.  After a weekend of crying more and more, I called back her pediatrician and the specialist.  We now have an appointment with the specialist on February 20th.

Our pedi ordered some urine and stool samples and will see her tomorrow.  Hannah was so funny when I told her that we had to give her poop to the doctor.  She looked at me and said, "No way!!  I'm not doing that!!"  After a bit of convincing, she did it.  Then kept asking for the little bucket to catch her poop.  Silly girl!

So far the tests are normal.  All of them.

 We are praying for healing of our little girl and answers to what is causing her pain.  God is good and He holds her carefully in His hand.  My little girl has been loaned to me for a little.  She is and has always been, God's child.  I know that He will give her the strength to get through this and that He will heal her in His time.  Thank-you all for your prayers for her.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

What is wrong with my Little Girl?

I love my sweet little Hannah.  She is such a joy to have around.  When I need some one to hold the dust pan, wash or set the table, fold the towels or any other job she can handle, my Hannah is right there ready to help me.  I love how she is always ready to smile, laugh and give out a hug.

In between her happy, helpful times though, she is often whiny and complaining.  It is like there are two little girls at times.  She had been the perfect baby.  Hardly cried and was such a pleasure to be around.  When she was around 8-9 months old, I noticed that she began to get pretty grumpy and cried a lot.  She was teething and was started on table food around that time.  I saw that she had a big, round belly, but I thought that lots of little ones have a big belly.  So we really didn't think much of it and let her keep growing.

As she has gotten older, her sweet and helpful spirit has blossomed.  However, her whining and irritability continued.  When I was diagnosed with Celiac disease 1 1/2 years ago, the girls both were tested and it came out negative.  I was relieved, but still felt that something wasn't right with Hannah.  

Before her 4th birthday, I decided to make her gluten free.  I wanted to see if it would make a difference.  She was constantly running to the bathroom, having diarrhea, still had a bloated belly, eating a little bit and then saying that she was full.  Twenty minutes later, she would cry that she was so hungry.  She was irritable and fussy.  I just felt that it was worth a try.
She was super excited about it and told everyone that she was gluten free and not a wheat (that is what she calls others who can eat wheat).  It went very well and I thought that all her symptoms improved a bit.  Chris wasn't fully convinced, but he was fully supportive of trying the gluten free approach.  

Before Christmas, I put her back on a wheat diet with no restrictions.  
She loved eating wheat again and enjoyed all the cake and cookies she could get her hands on.  However, over the past weeks since then she has been not feeling well.  In addition to the other symptoms I mentioned above, she is crying 20 to 30 times a day about her tummy hurting her.  She wakes in the night crying about her tummy. Last night as I held her while she cried, I could hear her little tummy talking and grumbling loudly.   Her head is hurting often as well.  So I finally put a call in to the doctor.  I don't know exactly what is wrong, but I know something is not right.  

So our pediatrician said that he was concerned about her big, bloated belly.  He wants to do a pretty thorough work up and see if we can figure out what is wrong.  This Friday we will take her in for extensive blood work (20 mls of blood and a whole lot of tests).   We are looking at a milk allergy and a wheat allergy, but more specific tests than were done earlier.  Possibly a food allergy panel as well.  He will look to see if she is processing fat or protein as well.  Please be in prayer that the tests will be conclusive.  If the tests show a wheat allergy, she will also have a biopsy.

I pray that if something is wrong we will find it now. 

 Then she can have a healthy and good life that is not filled with pain. 

 I struggled with my allergies since I was a young girl.  All the symptoms that she has, I had for years.  We knew something wasn't right, but we didn't know what.  I spent over 20 years dealing with tummy pain, headaches, fatigue, debilitating migraines, skin rashes, and a ton of other symptoms.  I was told that I was making it up.  I was told that it was just stress.  I was told that I was supposed to feel that way.  Once I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and an allergy to peanuts, my life changed.  I am healthy and feel good for the first time in my life.  

I so want Hannah to not have to go through life thinking that she has to live with the daily discomfort of something wrong with her body.

Please pray for the blood tests to go well.  Having her temperature taken at the doctors office is a huge deal for her.  She does not deal well with strangers in her personal space, until she has decided that she likes them.  It took three of us to hold her down for the previous blood test.  Pray that they draw every test that is necessary and she will only be stuck once.  

After the tests, she will be put back on a gluten free diet as well as being taken off milk (not lactose-just regular milk).  She is really upset about that now.  She understands what that will mean for her and she cried all the way home from the doctors.  Please pray we can find something similar to chocolate milk that she will like.  That is what she will miss the most.

I would love to have my happy, loving little girl back and just be able to enjoy life with her.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our First Broken Arm

I had a crazy, busy week before my little girl broke her arm.  I had worked for 6 nights straight, 4 of those nights with no break.  Multiple admissions, codes and a cooling baby.  I had just woken up on Monday, took a shower and met my family as they came home from the school.  We were just sitting around playing with soft frisbees.  Hannah knelt down to pick up one that had fallen on the ground.  Bekah was watching her daddy and backing up so she could get ready to catch the next frisbee.  She ended up tripping on Hannah and fell on her back, putting weight on Hannah's arm.  My littlest immediately started screaming.  I knew it was a "I'm actually hurt" cry and ran to her.  As soon as I saw her arm I could see that is looked a bit crooked and that she would have to get it fixed.

We called the pediatrician and they told us to go to the doctors office.  So we did.  And wasted an hour getting the info that yes they thought it was broken and we had to go to the ER.  We kind of already knew that.  So we drove to the Hospital and spent the next 3 1/2 hours there.

Hannah was a trooper.  No crying.  Very little whinning.  We sang and played games and tryed to get her to ignore her growling tummy as the hours ticked by.  Hannah loved the fish tank in the waiting room.  She named every fish in there: Blue, Orange and White, Yellow and White, Strawberry, Red.  Hannah ran back and fourth in front of the tank while I followed her while holding the ice pack under her arm.  Can't keep this little one down.  

She did great through the xrays and was amazing as they put the sugar tong splint on her wrist.  We sang Baby Mine to her and she just layed there with sleepy eyes as they wrapped up her arm.  I had promised her ice cream for being so brave.  She told everyone about it.

That night after we got home, Hannah ate her ice cream happily.  Then she started peeling the tape off her splint and told me she was ready to take it off.  She was not happy having to keep it on.

My cutie all ready for the day.

The next morning Hannah woke up screaming.  Her splint had fallen off in the night.  The ER said to call the orthopedic surgeon.  The answering service said that it was his day off and he wouldn't take calls from anyone he hadn't seen yet.  So off to the ER we went and Hannah got a plaster cast that couldn't come off.

Hannah was in good spirts while waiting for the doctor.  She played catch with daddy and drew pictures.  She is getting very good at figuring out how to do things with one hand.

The orthopedic doctor had a cool xray machine in his office.  He had to cut the plaster cast off so that he could take the xrays.  Then we found out that two of her bones were bent, not just one.  He put her in a fiberglass cast that glows in the dark.  She was so brave through the whole thing.  She did whimper a bit when he was putting her arm in a good position to heal correctly.

Then they had to cut off the extra bit around her thumb.  We got to wear cool eye protection and helicopter pilot ear protection.  

I love the look on Hannah's face here.  She was so trying to be brave, but I could feel her shaking a bit in my arms.  We gave her a See's Candy chocolate after everything was done.  She deserved it!

After we got her cast on, Hannah got to pick a special toy.  She picked a pink piggy, named pig.  We drove over to my parents house to see my Aunt Barbara and my Grandma Carol.  She accidently left her piggy there.  I called when Hannah realized that it was missing.  She talked to her Nana who assured her that the piggy was still there and would wait for her until tomorrow.

Later that night, she had me call again-just to make sure that the little pig was still there.  

So Hannah is doing great now.  She will have the cast on for three more weeks and then everything should be good.  My little peanut is feeling much better and is already running around and playing.  Thank-you for all your prayers!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Sick Little Girl

Our little peanut came down with a cough six days ago.  Then started a fever yesterday as well.  She is really not feeling well.  I called yesterday and got a perscription for cough syrup with codine.  That didn't help at all.  So today after 30 minutes of coughing when she couldn't even talk, I called to take her to the doctor.  

Our darling Hannah is not so fond of the doctor or the nurse normally when she is well.  It doesn't get better when she is sick.  She decided that she didn't want to get weighed or see how tall she was.  When the nurse tried to put the pulse ox (to check her oxygen levels) on her finger, Hannah put her foot down and started screaming and fighting.  It took both of us to get that thing on her finger.  Then came the temperature check.  Yup, screamed through the whole thing. 

I had a talk with her after the nurse left.  She promised to be good for the doctor.  Then she asked where the lady went (the nurse) since she liked her.  Go figure!

When Dr. Davis walked in, Hannah ran to him and gave him a big hug.  She stood in front of him and answered every question he had with a smile.  Hannah then climbed up on the table by herself, pulled up her shirt and let him listen to her chest.  She opened her mouth when asked.  The last time a doctor asked her to do that, we had to pry her mouth open.  Then she skipped out of the office to get her sticker.  

We came home to take naps, but Hannah didn't and Bekah did.  She ate three bites of dinner then went to the couch. After 15 minutes, Bekah came in to tell me that Hannah fell asleep on the couch.  We let her sleep there for an hour and then she woke up crying.  I carried her upstairs, gave her some medicine and a cool cloth on her forhead and read Raggety Ann to her.  She was falling asleep quickly, so I carried her to her bed and tucked her in.  My sick little baby was asleep after I had read half a page to her.  Good-night sweet baby!

I was thinking today about how much I wanted to be a mommy.  Growing up I took care of so many kids.  I loved them and enjoyed playing with them and being part of their life.  But no matter how close I was to them, how much they loved me, I was not the one that they called for when they were sick or hurt.  They always called for their mommy.  I wasn't the one that they wanted at that time.  

Now I am a mommy and it makes my heart so glad that my children call "Mommy" when they are sick or hurting and I am the one saying, "I'm here."  I am the one that hears every cough, every cry during the night.  I am the one that holds their feverish little body and brush the hair out of their faces.  I am a mommy and I love it.  

Now, off to take care of my children.